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14th Kiwanis Malaysia District Convention

5th - 7th September, 2014

A'Famosa Resort, Melaka.

In accordance with Article IX Section 3 of the Rules (District Bylaws) this serves as the call to all Kiwanians, Club Secretaries, Club Presidents and the Executive Director of Kiwanis International of the 14th District Convention to be held in A’Famosa Resort, Melaka.

The members of the District Board and the host club, The Kiwanis Club of Petaling Jaya, wish to invite all Kiwanians in Malaysia and their families to A’Famosa Resort, Melaka to experience the fun and fellowship of our 14th District Convention, which is held on the 5th to 7th Sept 2014.


During the Business Session 2 to be held on Saturday 6th September 2014, elections will be held for the following positions in the District Board.

  1. Governor for the year 2014 -2015
  2. Governor-elect for the year 2014-2015
  3. District Treasurer for the year 2014-2015

The District Secretary is by appointment (Article XI Section 1 (b) of the Rules)

The Current Governor-elect shall be the sole candidate for the office of Governor (Article XI Section (d) 1. of the Rules)

In accordance with Article XI Section (d) 2 of the Rules, all candidates for the office of Governor-elect and Treasurer must submit written notice of candidacy to the District Secretary no later than the beginning of the first business session of the annual convention.

(1) No person shall be considered as a candidate for office without the prior written consent of such person having been obtained.

(2) No person shall be considered as a candidate for office without the prior written endorsement of the candidate’s club board of directors or club general meeting having been obtained.

(3) Except as otherwise provided by these Rules, and provided that the prior written endorsement of the candidate’s club board of directors or club general meeting has been obtained, nothing in this Article shall be construed as limiting the right to make further nominations from the floor of the convention, provided the written consent of persons so nominated has been obtained and presented to the District Secretary prior to the nomination.


In accordance with Article X Section 2 of the Rules all clubs are reminded that any proposed resolutions may be submitted by majority vote of a club’s board of directors to the District secretary not less than 30 days and not more than 60 days prior to the date of the District Convention. Proposed resolutions may also be submitted by the District Board of Trustees or originated by the Committee on Resolutions. All proposed Resolutions should be referred to the Committee on Resolutions for consideration and recommendation to the convention.

To-date, the District Secretary has received nominations for the following posts:

Governor for the Term 2014-15

·                              Tan Eng Too - KC Petaling Jaya (Division 4)

Governor Elect for the Term 2014 -2015

·                            Dato Fatimah Saad  – KC TTDI (Division 4)

      Treasurer for the Term 2014-2015

·                            Cheok Kim Chee – KC Kuala Lumpur (Division 1)


In accordance with Article IX Section 6 & 8 of the Rules only chartered clubs “in good standing” shall be entitled to seat up to three (3) delegates. Two (2) of the delegates should be the club president and president elect. To ensure proper representation, each chartered club may choose up to three (3) alternate delegates and shall be elected 30 days prior to the date of the Convention (i.e. this must be done before 15th August 2014) and shall submit a certificate to the District Secretary duly authenticated by the club’s President and Secretary.


Best Club Report Award

Presidents are reminded that your club has to prepare a Club Report covering the major projects, events and activities in your Club since 1st October 2013. The Club Report will form part of the Divisions Report be presented by your Governor at Business Session 1 to be held on Saturday Morning. For purposes of uniformity a standard form of report will be forwarded to you for your club to follow. Please do the following:

  1. Make five (5) copies of your Club Report and submit them to the Kiwanis Convention Secretariat by 7.00 p.m. on Friday 5th September 2014
  2. Send a copy of your report to the district via your Lt Governor by 29th August,2014  so that he/she can incorporate your clubs activities in his/her Lt Governor presentation

The best Club Report Award will be presented on the following criteria:


  • Quality of Report Presentation                         20
  • Comprehensiveness of report                          40
  • Quality of Club activities reported                     40

Total points awarded is 100

Best Project Award

The District Office will be presenting the Best Project Award to a Club that has carried out an outstanding Club project from 1st October 2013 to 31st August 2014.

The scoring for this award will be as follows:

Criteria                                                                      Points

  1. Consistency with Kiwanis Objects                        20
  2. Number of people benefiting from Project            10
  3. Number of Kiwanians participating in project        10
  4. Young Children Priority One Project                     10
  5. Innovativeness of Project                                    25
  6. Success of project                                             25

Total points awarded is 100

Please take note of the following:

·         Each Club may submit only one project

·         Only projects that have been done during the period October 1st 2013 – 31st August 2014 will qualify

·         Three (3) copies of the project must be submitted to the Kiwanis Convention Secretariat by 7.00 p.m. on  Friday 5th  September 2014

·         The project report should not exceed 8 pages.

Best Club Exhibition

Clubs are encouraged to prepare exhibits of their club activities, projects and events to be displayed in the lobby or Convention hall of the Convention Venue.

Information regarding the display area and space allocated will be informed by the organizing club soon.

Clubs should set up their exhibits between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. (subject to the confirmation of the host club) Friday the 5th September 2014

An award will be given for the Best Club Exhibit


Bidding is now open for Clubs to hold to host the 16th District Convention to be held in 2016.  Club Presidents are encouraged to submit your bids in writing to the District Secretary by 31st August 2014, stating the name of the host club and the proposed venue for the convention. During the last year’s convention in Johor Bahru, KC Pantai has reconfirmed that in 2015, they are hosting the convention.

Confirmation and Bidding for the 15 & 16th District Conventions will take place on Saturday 6th September 2014 during Business Session 2.

For further information and assistance either refer to the Kiwanis Website or Kiwanis Malaysia office, please contact:


Elaine Wong

Kiwanis Malaysia District

Tel: +603-7955 1575

Fax: +603-7955 2357



Michael Tong

District Secretary 2013-14

Governor's Address

Fellow Kiwanians,

Welcome aboard to 2013-2014 management team.

This year, Kiwanis International has a new strategic plan.  One of the most important goals is our 5-year plan to grow Kiwanis. In my vision, I see Kiwanis expanding around the world by developing programs that attract and retain new members. I challenge each club to grow by a minimum of one person. Just think, with more hearts and hands, we can do more for the children of the world.

The Kiwanis International President also proposed a common fundraising project, that is each district or nation to collect at least 50 pieces of paintings or drawings to be sold at next year convention in Tokyo-Chiba in order to raise fund for The Eliminate Project. In 2015, Kiwanis International will celebrate its 100th Anniversary, 100 years of service and fellowship. It’s something that makes us proud and excited. Let’s commit to grow together.

In line with the Kiwanis International theme, “We Build Bridges for Children to the Future”, these bridges will lead us to the next century of Kiwanis and to the next century of Kiwanis members. Please join me in building these bridges and growing the Kiwanis family to benefit the children that we serve.

Yours in Kiwanis,

Governor Simpson Tan








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